Multi-Remote Registry Change

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As you read the items below, please keep in mind that every operation in Multi-Remote Registry Change is designed from the ground up to operate on multiple computers simultaneously.  With the default settings, it is just as fast to do most operations on 50 computers as it is on one.   On a fast computer, with a fast network it is possible to do hundreds simultaneously!  The thread manager routines for each operation ensure that the maximum number of worker threads are always active until the operation is completed.  

What's new in version 4.0:

Quick Entry: Build a library of useful changes or actions. Quick Entry makes them easy to find, easy to reuse.  Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Manage Services. Start, Stop, Change Startup type (automatic, manual, disabled), Delete.  Screenshot.
Run Operations from the Command Line.  Tired of coming in a 4 AM to make changes and then reboot your computers?  Schedule them!   A few minutes to set it up and all night to sleep.
Edit server based (roaming) profiles. Got a server full of user roaming profiles? Now you can edit them all at once, and the users don't need to be logged in!
Computer Names Window updated - now shows Computer Names, DNS Name and IP Address - use any of them to connect.  Screenshot
Alternate Logon Credentials. Not logged in as an Administrator? Need to access computers on another domain? Can do, easy. Screenshot
Advanced Selections. Need to select all of the Windows XP machines? SQL Servers? Domain Controllers? Only Active computer? Click-Click-Done. Screenshot
REG_QWORD support.
Multi-line tabs in the operations area.
Substitutions now support reading from INI files for the ultimate in flexibility.
Improved Registry Search and Replace.
Launch Windows Computer Management for any computer directly from the Computer Names List.
Apply from REG file compatible with "Windows Registry Editor 5.00" files.

What's new in version 3.6:

The items listed below are the NEW items in Multi-Remote Registry Change v3.x.  For a full accounting of the capabilities of the program, please see the help file.

New Administrator Options:  Multi-Remote Registry Change is an amazingly powerful tool in the hands of an experienced administrator.  But, there may be times when you might want to limit an administrators access to only certain parts of Multi-Remote Registry Change or even limit their use to query only.   Now in v3.6, you can specify access options by operation on a by machine or by user basis.  Full details are in the readme.txt that accompanies the program.

*EVERY_USER* in every operation: The v3.5 release included *EVERY_USER* in many operations.  This support has been extended to all operations where its use is feasible.

Include .DEFAULT in *EVERY_USER*:   *EVERY_USER* has always been the best way to ensure that the HKEY_CURRENT_USER part of the registry is updated for all existing users of a machine in addition to the currently logged on user.   A new option in Multi-Remote Registry Change v3.6 now allows you to make your change the default for all new users logging on also!

New temporary licensing options:  We have had several potential customers tell us that the program is great, and that they really need to use it, but that they cannot justify the cost for a single project.  This should make it easier:  For the low price of $99 for one day or $299 per week, you can use Multi-Remote Registry Change to manage the registries of ALL of your computers.  Our one day license allows you to use Multi-Remote Registry Change to manage up to 99,999 computers from the time we send the key until midnight the following day. The weekly license gets you one full normal work week of use.

What's new in version 3.5:

*EVERY_USER*: Where logical, *EVERY_USER* is available as a Hive. Selecting *EVERY_USER* causes the program to perform the selected operation on every user hive on each selected remote machine. If you use roaming profiles, or have many people that share a single machine in shifts, this will allow you to run the operation once and be assured of actually changing the HKEY_CURRENT_USER profile for every user, not just those that happen to be logged in at the time.
Dump To REG file: One frequently requested item has been the ability to create a REGEDIT4 file for all selected computers. This option allows you to select computers and create individual .REG files for a key/subkeys, or to create a single file with the REGEDIT4 entries for all selected computers. The "One Per Computer" option will create a separate REGEDIT4 file for each selected computer in the selected directory named as ComputerName.REG for non-user hives, and ComputerName-UserName.REG for HKEY_CURRENT_USER hives. If "Single File" is selected, the REGEDIT4 entries for each computer will be saved one after the other into the selected file in the order that they complete. The entries will be separated by a line containing the computer name (ex: //EYTCHNT). For user hives, the entries will be separated by a line containing the computer name and the username (ex: //EYTCHNT User: greg).
Active Operations and Failed Operations status windows: For every operation, double clicking on the operation's status bar will show two dynamically updated status windows. The top window shows the computers for which the operation failed. The bottom windows shows the computers on which the operation is active.
Tools: A String Conversion tool and a SID <-> Username tool are now included.
Sizeable operation windows: All of the operation windows are now resizable. This should make it easier when entering long keys and values into the forms. Additionally, the three distinct areas of the main window can now be resized also. 

What's new in version 3.0:

Substitutions -- Substitutions represent a very powerful part of Multi-Remote Registry Change. Using a simple form, you can set-up a virtually unlimited number of substitution items. Substitutions work by dynamically querying the registry of the target computer, and replacing the text you enter with the value contained at the specified location. 

Run Query Using Substitutions -- For the ultimate in reporting flexibility, Multi-Remote Registry Change now includes the ability to do a free form query using Substitutions.

Manage Registry Security --  Simple and fast, v3 allows complete control of the security of remote registry keys.  Add or Remove users and groups from the Access Allowed, Access Denied and Audit Access Control Lists.  Set Permissions and Inheritance from one easy to use dialog.

Registry Search and Replace -- Anywhere in the Key Name, Value Name or Data.

Registry Browser --   Browse the registry on any computer in your organization.  Includes full Drag and Drop support for copying Keys and/or values from one key to another and/or from one computer to another.  Also supports drag/drop to fill in the blanks on the operations forms.

Change Service User Information -- Not your mainstream use here, but if you need it, your REALLY need it!

Send Message -- Send a popup message to all selected computers

Improved REG_MULTI_SZ Handling -- Insert and remove individual items, sort, reverse, more.

Support for ALL Value Types -- Not just your standard REG_SZ and REG_DWORD support. With v3, you can enter ANY type of value directly into the registry.  From REG_NONE to REG_FULL_RESOURCE_LIST, they are all here!

Improved Registry Querying -- You can now get a list of what the registry contains from each of your machines for any value.

User Selector -- With a window very much like the standard NT user selection window, it is now very easy to select users for the operations forms.

Improved Interface -- Interface improvements such as:  Window Docking; Drag and Drop between windows; Pop-up Hint windows for long Keys/Values/Data, make Multi-Remote Registry Change even easier to use.

Fast, Fast, Fast! -- Change literally tens of thousands of keys per minute!  We've changed over 24,500 keys in under 18 seconds!


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