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Search Network

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The easiest way to add computers to your Computer Names list is to search the network.

When you first start the Search Network operation, it will automatically search for and list all available domains. After the domain list is created, you may add or delete, check or uncheck any of the available domains. To begin locating computers, make sure that at least one domain name is checked and click either 'Show Active' or 'Show All NT'.

'Show Active' will show all active NT computers in the domain(s) selected. If 'Include Win95/98' is checked, it will also include all Windows 95/98 machines. The Windows 95/98 machines will not necessarily have the required software loaded to access the registry remotely.

'Show All NT' will show all registered NT computers in the selected domain(s), active or not.

When the search is complete, select the computers to add from the list and click 'Add Selected'.

A context menu (right-click) is available in both lists to make selecting/deselecting the options easier.

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