Command Line Options




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Command Line Options

You may use command line options to start the program and have it automatically process the Retry Log.

The command line options recognized are:

Command Action

ALL Processes the entire Retry Log
REGENTRY Process only single key registry entries.
REGFILE Process all REGEDIT4 entries
RIGHT Process all User Privilege entries
SECURITY Process Registry Security entries
REPLACE Process all Search and Replace Entries
UNATTENDED Automatically exit the program when finished.

These commands can be entered in any order on the command line.

For example, to have Multi-Remote Registry Change process all of the security entries, and then exit, you could enter:

mregchg.exe security unattended

This should work for the scheduler (AT command) as well as from the command line. If you make want to be able to see the progress of the program when running it via the AT command, be sure to include the /INTERACTIVE switch.

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