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  • Zero Client Configuration (NT)
  • Works equally well over the Intranet and Internet.
  • "Retry Log" maintains log of failed changes. One click to retry the failed changes.
  • Remotely manage registry security and auditing for groups of computers. (NT)
  • User definable dynamic substitutions.
  • Change User Rights. (NT)
  • Drag and Drop keys and values.
  • Registry Browser to quickly find keys and values on any computer. Supports Drag-and-Drop to copy keys and values.
  • The option to create the key or simply ignore it if it's not already there.
  • Verify the existence of a key and/or value.
  • Delete keys (including subkeys) or values.
  • The option to change the remote registry for all users of a remote machine - logged on or not.
  • Create a simple TAB delimited file to apply many changes to many computers. Includes a method for creating these files with ease.
  • Quick Copy a key and all subkeys from one computer to many others.
  • Export keys, subkeys and values to .REG file format.
  • Apply all changes from .REG files to many computers very quickly.
  • Substitute a different root key and/or key path for keys and values in *.REG files.
  • Shutdown remote systems or groups of remote systems. (NT)
  • Save logs of Operation Successes, Operation Failures and Failures to Connect and then reselect computers based on these logs.
  • Multi-Threaded - do many of these operations at once with each operation having multiple threads (2 to hundreds)!
  • Startup parameters allow you to process the 'Retry Log' automatically when you start the program or scheduled via command line.
  • Change Service User Information (NT)
  • Send pop-up messages to your users based upon which machine they are logged in to. (NT)
  • Fast, Fast, Fast! Change literally tens of thousands of keys/values per minute.

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