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The options menu includes settings to customize how the program runs in your environment.

Logging Options: Displays the
Logging Options tab.

Verbose Log Entries: Provides more details about the status of operations in the
log window. Default is disabled.

Set Log Delimiter: Allows you to determine with delimiter to use in the log files. Default is TAB. Other options are SPACE and COMMA.

Open Default Log File Folder: Opens the default log file folder.

Allow Connect Retries: In some network environments, the program may have trouble connecting to the target computer before timing out. If the program fails to connect to a computer that you know is available, you should enable this option. Otherwise it should usually be disabled. Default is enabled.

Save n Entries for Reuse: Automatically saves the number of entries specified in the drop down boxes such as Key Path, Value Name, etc. Default is 8. Note: You can clear all saved entries from any box by right clicking on it and choosing Clear Saved Entries.

Set Max Active Threads: Allows you to determine how many worker threads are created for each operation. Default is 20.

Save Tab Settings Now: Saves the current list and order of the operations tabs. By clicking this, and unchecking the next option, the program will always start with the same set of tabs showing.

Always Update Tab Settings on Exit: If this option is checked, the program will save your current list of tabs, and the active tab. When the program is started next, the same tabs will be in the operations panel.

Main Window

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