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Multi-Remote Registry Change for Windows 95/98 is essentially the same product as the Windows NT/2000 version with the NT only functions removed.  It is very fast, and very efficient, but requires that the Microsoft Remote Registry Service be installed and properly configured on your remote machines.  The Microsoft Remote Registry Service is located on the Windows 95 and Windows 98 CD and is available for download here.

What's new in version 3:

As you read the items below, please keep in mind that every operation in Multi-Remote Registry Change is designed from the ground up to operate on multiple computers simultaneously.  With the default settings, it is just as fast to do most operations on 6 computers as it is on one.   While Windows 95/98 is not as robust an operating system as Windows NT and Windows 2000, it is still capable of managing several simultaneous threads.  The thread manager routines for each operation ensure that the maximum number of worker threads are always active until the operation is completed.   Also note, the items listed below are the NEW items in Multi-Remote Registry Change v3.  For a full accounting of the capabilities of the program, please see the help file.

New in v3.1:   Substitutions -- Substitutions represent a very powerful new addition to Multi-Remote Registry Change. Using a simple form, you can set-up a virtually unlimited number of substitution items. Substitutions work by dynamically querying the registry of the target computer, and replacing the text you enter with the value contained at the specified location.

New in v3.1:   Run Query Using Subsitituions -- For the ultimate in reporting flexibility, Multi-Remote Registry Change now includes the ability to do a free form query using Substitutions.

Registry Search and Replace -- Anywhere in the Key Name, Value Name or Data.

Registry Browser --   Browse the registry on any computer in your organization.  Includes full Drag and Drop support for copying Keys and/or values from one key to another and/or from one computer to another.  Also supports drag/drop to fill in the blanks on the operations forms.

Improved REG_MULTI_SZ Handling -- Insert and remove individual items, sort, reverse, more.

Support for ALL Value Types -- Not just your standard REG_SZ and REG_DWORD support. With v3.0, you can enter ANY type of value directly into the registry.  From REG_NONE to REG_FULL_RESOURCE_LIST, they are all here!

Improved Registry Querying -- You can now get a list of what the registry contains from each of your machines for any value.

Improved Interface -- Interface improvements such as:  Window Docking; Drag and Drop between windows; Pop-up Hint windows for long Keys/Values/Data, make Multi-Remote Registry Change even easier to use.

Fast, Fast, Fast! -- Change literally tens of thousands of keys per minute!  We've changed over 24,500 keys in under 18 seconds!

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